How Does The Irrigro® Tube Sweat Water?
Answer: Irrigro® is made of a "micro-porous" material called DuPont Tyvek® which has microscopic "pores" similar to that of human skin.  These pores allow tiny droplets of water to seap through the walls of the tube when it is under mild pressure (much less than the pressure of a garden hose, or less than 5psi). The pores are just twice the size of a single molecule of water (0.14 Microns to be exact).  Because they are so small, most bacteria and other solids are filtered out of the water without ever clogging, while it sweats purified water to the roots of your plants.  At the end of each growing season, simply unplug the end of the tube, and the buildup is easily flushed out, simple as that.